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Discover Ibiza in 4 days
This will surely be an unforgettable experience!
Imagine… 4 days of mountain biking in a true paradise…
This island is perfect for an adventure on a mountain bike.
After your journey, you will be delighted to discover the island’s magnificent greenery and the number of hills available. Ibiza can quickly add up some serious height difference!
Personally, I have never experienced as many versatile trails as on Ibiza!
We would be delighted to take you on 5 diversified tours, where every day you will discover another ride through the beautiful Ibiza scenery. The tours take on average 5 hours and their difficulty will depend on the level of the group. On the second day we’ll make a tour that will last an entire day which will enable you to discover the other side of the island!
On the fourth day you will receive another treat: we will visit Ibiza’s sister island Formentera. This island is sometimes called the Caribbean of Europe. The seawater is turquoise green and the beaches are stunning. Formentera is very different from Ibiza; it is rather flat and has only one hill. The view from the latter is breathtaking; you can admire the entire island.
Day of arrival:
From 14:00 you may check in to your accommodation. Your guide will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your housing.
Day 1:
The tours start at 9:30. Your guide comes to fetch you and we will get your bicycle together. At noon we will stop for lunch and in the afternoon, around 15:00, we will drop you off at your hotel. Afterwards you will have time to rest and/or go to the beach.
Day 2-3:
Every day will be surprisingly diverse with serious climbs and technical descends. The scenery changes regularly from very rural and hilly to sea-level.
If you wish we can adapt the rides to a medium or hard level…
We will have a break for lunch and to hydrate. At 15:00 we will be back at your accommodation. In the afternoon you may choose to participate in another activity or just to relax on the beach. On the second day we’ll make a tour that will last an entire day which will enable you to discover the other side of the island.
Day 4:
Today we leave Ibiza behind and are going to discover a taste of the Caribbean. After an hour and a half by boat we’ll arrive at Formentera.
After finishing breakfast, we’ll join the boat by bicycle and set sail for Formentera. Our goal is to reach the top of the Mola! We will cycle for about 4 hours and will have our lunch break on one of the paradise-like beaches of Formentera. At about 17:00 we’ll take the boat to return. We’ll be back by 19:00 and will cycle back to your accommodation.
Day 5:
This is the last day of the trip and we will make the most of it.
Today you can choose between riding a race bike or have a challenging ride with the MTB. In the afternoon you will checkout and we will make arrangements to transfer you to the airport.
Usually this will be a Dutch-speaking guide who also speaks French, English and Spanish.
In case our regular guide is not available, Bike Ibiza will gladly introduce you to our English-speaking guide.
Have you ever tested the Dakota 10 or 20? This very tough device can take some abuse. The Dakota is user-friendly and its batteries are easy to replace. The screen is not very large, but it is sufficient as a work screen. We advise you to use this tool if you already have some experience with similar devices. Ibiza’s network of off-road tracks is very vast and a satnav is highly recommended

Flight details
All year long with Transavia from the airport of Eindhoven
From March with Jetair & Ryanair from the airport of Charleroi.
Between April and June with Jetair, Brussels Airlines and Thomas Cook from Brussels Airport
What should you pack for your Ibiza trip?
• Backpack
• Water bottle
• First aid kit: disinfectant, plasters, painkillers etc.
• Sun cream
• Sunglasses
• Clothing for cycling

Choose among the fixed dates or choose your own.
Consult our forum if you are looking for fellow travellers.
These are the available fixed dates for this tour:

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