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Welcome to Ibiza! The island famous for its many nightclubs and the best electronic music in the world!
Of course, we see Ibiza from a different perspective. The whole island resembles paradise with its many bays and marvelously coloured and clear seawater. The north of the island has everything necessary for an enjoyable cycling holiday. Every day we will take advantage of Ibiza’s many hills by riding through them. We cycle past all the prettiest and most secluded bays of the island. So needless to say we are especially interested by the countryside!
The tours follow the remotest trails. Hence we will discover amazing bays, picturesque villages and crisscross the many olive and almond orchards. Ibiza’s red soil is extremely fertile; virtually anything can grow here. Along the way we’ll also pass by lemon trees, melon and pepper fields, vineyards, and much more.
For me, the ever-present smell of the island’s plentiful pine trees is really the trademark scent of the Balearic Islands!
So refreshing!
The best period to join one of our activities is from February till June and from September till December. That’s when nature is the most exuberant and the roads are quieter.
Bike Ibiza will be delighted to set up a program entirely customised according to the group’s desires!
Come prepared because the terrain will be a real undertaking for the mountain biker as well as for the race biker. Ibiza’s many hills make it challenging to catch one’s breath easily. Trails around Santa Eularia are flatter and therefore easier routes are possible in that area.

Every day the cycling trails will last from 4 to 5 hours leaving you the rest of the day to enjoy other activities which include kayaking, snorkeling, rock climbing, cliff jumping or a walk to a secluded bay with a chiringuito.
Let’s go!
Day of arrival: Starting from 14:00 you can check in to your accommodation. Your guide will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your accommodation.


Day 1:
We start after breakfast and will ride on average 4 to 5 hours per day. The first thing on the program is to get your bicycle. Once that’s settled, we will start exploring the whole northern area of the island by going through short but energetic climbs.
We will stop occasionally in a small village to rehydrate and to relax a bit. At the end of the ride we’ll have lunch together and then we’ll bring you to your accommodation.
Day 2: Today we will ride the “VUELTA IBIZA”. A journey crossing Ibiza through all its possible ways and bays. The route will last an entire day and is 129km long. It is a popular route among professional Spanish cyclists.
Day 3: We will enjoy another varied ride through the northern part of Ibiza and will concentrate on a few beautiful segments. After lunch there is spare time to participate in another activity.
Possibility to choose Ibiza or Formentera:
Day 4: Have you ever been to the Caribbean?
Formentera is located an hour and a half by boat from Ibiza. The seawater is turquoise green and the island is sometimes called the Caribbean of Europe. It is very different from Ibiza; it is rather flat and has only one hill. But the view from the latter is breathtaking; you can admire the entire island. Today we will pedal at a calmer tempo so as to be certain to enjoy the surroundings. We will leave by boat at 9:30 and will be back by 18:30. In July and August we do not offer the trip to Formentera.
Day 4: We stay on Ibiza and make another Vuelta of the island by using different routes again.
Day 5: This is already your final day of the tour. Today you may choose…
The real countryside can only be discovered on a mountain bike. Bike Ibiza will gladly introduce you to the mountain bike. We will ride for about 3 hours and entirely according to the group’s level.
You can of course choose to spend your last day on the race bike.
After lunch we will organise your transfer to the airport.
Congratulations, you successfully finished your cycling tour on Ibiza!!

Usually this will be a Dutch-speaking guide who also speaks French, English and Spanish.
In case our regular guide is not available, Bike Ibiza will gladly introduce you to our English-speaking guide.
Have you ever tested the Dakota 10 or 20? This very tough device can take some abuse. The Dakota is user-friendly and its batteries are easy to replace. The screen is not very large, but it is sufficient as a work screen. We advise you to use this tool if you already have some experience with similar devices. Ibiza’s network of off-road tracks is very vast and a satnav is highly recommended.

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Flight Information
All year long with Transavia from the airport of Eindhoven
From March with Jetair & Ryanair from the airport of Charleroi.
Between April and June with Jetair, Brussels Airlines and Thomas Cook from Brussels Airport
What should you pack for your Ibiza trip?
• Backpack
• Water bottle
• First aid kit: disinfectant, plasters, painkillers etc.
• Sun cream
• Sunglasses
• Clothing for cycling
Our bank details:

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The trip will take place once a minimum of 4 people have signed up.
Every tour can also be customised according to the technical and physical level of the participants.

Five nights on Ibiza
Five nights on Ibiza + Formentera

There are currently no fixed dates yet for this tour.
Choose your own dates or consult our forum if you are looking for fellow travellers.