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About us

Fancy an adventure? We are happy to arrange it for you

Bike Ibiza

Bike Ibiza & Ibiza Activities is a company that specializes in organizing and guiding cycling events. We mainly organize mountain bike/race bike trips and tours. Because of our passion for outdoor sports, we also organize kayak, rock climbing, hiking, watersports and boat trips. Fancy an adventure? We are happy to arrange it for you. Get to know the beautiful nature of the island in a conscious and adventurous way. Experience the possibilities that Ibiza has to offer you. Playfully test your own abilities and let the adrenaline flow through your body.

You are in good hands with us. We work with the latest bicycle models and have extensive experience with various outdoor sports. Professional knowledge, adventure and a conscious approach to nature are what Bike Ibiza & Ibiza Activities stands for.

Bike Ibiza & Ibiza Activities has a number of fixed programs and open groups. We also organize tailor-made events for companies, associations and individuals. We deliver custom work with creativity, space for personal development and respect for everyone’s well-being. Bike Ibiza & Ibiza Activities is flexible and adapts to the group. This makes our programs also suitable for groups where a personal approach and good guidance are required. With our personal attention, we ensure a successful arrangement.

We are happy to organize your activity program. This can be both sporty and recreational. We can achieve a lot within two days, of course much more within a week. You can, of course, contact us for specific advice!