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We have chosen quality, and in Spain, Codisport is the supplier that could guarantee this. A beautiful design, in combination with the perfect sitting comfort on your saddle. The clothing is elastic, and the sweater has a zipper. The colours of Bike Ibiza, a fresh hue, inspired by the island. The perfect souvenir after a trip to Ibiza!

Available for ladies and gentlemen: sizes: S – M – L – XL – XXL

As a cyclist, I wear the equipment every day, and I am delighted with the pad in the shorts. This gives you a lot of fun during the many hours on the saddle.

There is now also a shirt that is a nice souvenir of Ibiza. On the back of the shirt, it says Ibiza with a small logo from Bike Ibiza. The cap is ideal for protecting you from the sun or wind after cycling.

Cycling Pants Short: 45€

Cycling Shirt Short: 45€

Cycling gloves: 25€

Cycling socks: 15€

Shirt Ibiza:25€

Water bottle: 15 €

Cap Ibiza: 15€

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Sizes (S – M – L – XL)

Cycling Pants Short

Cycling Shirt Short

Cycling gloves

Cycling socks

Shirt Ibiza

Cap Ibiza

Water bottle