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Travel Offers Booking Conditions

The registration for a bicycle trip can be done by submitting the booking form on our website. After we receive your registration, you will receive a booking confirmation. The registration will only be confirmed once the deposit has been paid to Bike Ibiza’s bank account.
The deposit for the trip, € 250 per person, must be paid immediately upon receipt of the booking confirmation. The remaining sum must be in our possession at least 6 weeks before the start of the trip. Bookings carried out less than 6 weeks before the start of the trip should be paid entirely within 7 days.

Trip duration
The duration of the trip is indicated in whole days from the day of arrival.

Travel documents
Each participant is required upon departure and during the trip to be in possession of a valid identity document. The participants are responsible for purchasing their own flights.

Cancellation by the participant
Cancelling a trip can be done by email. The date on which the email was sent will be considered as the cancellation date. As a cancellation fee, we charge €250 per person up to 6 weeks before departure. If you cancel the trip between 6 and 2 weeks before departure, we will charge 70% of the total amount due for the trip. If the trip is cancelled less than two weeks before departure, we will charge 100% of the trip. Also, there will be no refund for late arrivals or early departures.
In case you decide to change to another trip after having made a reservation, you will be charged €50 in administration costs. You may modify your booking 6 weeks before departure at the latest.

Cancellation by Bike Ibiza:
If a trip gets cancelled due to insufficient participants, you will be informed 4 weeks prior to departure. Any money already paid to Bike Ibiza will be reimbursed in this case. An insurance policy booked with an insurance company will not be refunded by Bike Ibiza.

Price guarantee
The prices listed on the website are per person and based on two people sharing a room. Prices do not include flights. If you wish to have a single room, you have to mention this when booking and you will have to pay a supplement.

The participant must be insured so as to be sufficiently medically covered in order to partake in our activities.
Bike Ibiza declines all responsibility for any damages sustained by the participant and for which a compensation claim is made through an insurance policy. The compensation needs to be claimed by the insurance company. Bike Ibiza cannot be made accountable for loss, theft or injuries sustained by the participant out of carelessness.
Bike Ibiza can only be made liable if the organiser is the one making a mistake. It is advisable to be well insured against possible risks that may arise during the holiday.

Other remarks
It is necessary that Bike Ibiza receives information that may be of importance for the travel organiser when implementing the trip. When making a reservation it is crucial to mention any medical conditions and the use of any medication. It goes without saying that we keep the exchanged information confidential. If this information is absent, incomplete or false when registering, Bike Ibiza may have to exclude the participant from future activities. Any costs that would result from medical conditions will be supported by the participant.
The organiser reserves the right to modify the route at any time in case the weather, the terrain and/or the physical condition of the participants require it.

Liability of the participant
The participant is expected to follow all the guidelines set up by the travel guide for the accomplishment of the journey.
The participant is accountable for any damage resulting from irresponsible behaviour. A participant whose behaviour would become a nuisance to the accomplishment of the trip could be excluded from further activities by the travel guide.
reimbursement of the travel sum, or a part of it, may only be possible if the participant cannot be held accountable for wrongdoing. If a participant has caused damage to Bike Ibiza’s property or to that of a hired company/person, then the participant must reimburse this entirely.

When making a reservation, the participant declares to have read and accepted the conditions listed above. The participant also acknowledges that he/she is in a good (physical and psychological) condition to make the journey.